GIMP (www.gimp.org) is an image editing software package licensed as free and open source.   GIMP Magazine features the amazing works created from an enormous community from all over the world estimated at around 8-10 million people.  Photography, digital arts, tips and tricks, step by step tutorials, master classes, help desk questions, and so much more are showcased and explored in this free publication.

Did you know that GIMP (version 2.8.0) was downloaded over 6.8 million times in just two months?  It’s time for a magazine!

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The goal of this publication is to promote GIMP and related open source software.  We also want to promote the art and the photography created by the GIMP community using GIMP & related plug-ins.  To accomplish this we want to present the content in a professional, yet “cool” looking publication.  A publication with a high design value and visual interest where any “creative” person would feel comfortable presenting their works within.  The magazine is intended to appeal to GIMP Users, graphic designers, photographers, digital artists, web designers, developers, GIMP trainers/writers, and the developers of GIMP. And lets not forget trying to appeal to those who might be considering GIMP as their next image package.  And we are totally open to where this journey may take us.  Oh yeah, the most important goal of this project is to have fun!  It is meant to be a fun and creative project for the GIMP Magazine team first and foremost!



Yeah, figured you might ask.  The reason we chose the title, “GIMP Magazine”:  well, ummmm, yeah we honestly didn’t put too much thought into the title.  As a startup we had no money to invest in advertising or creating a brand, so we went with a title that would perform well under internet searches, and most importantly is obvious and easy to remember. The title does make a great awkward icebreaker!  Who could resist that?  And Wilber the mascot hanging out on top of the logo, what’s cooler than that?



We are currently seeking contributing story writers, people with a strong knowledge of GIMP and related software. We are also looking for digital artists and Scribus publishers to help with the layout, and we are looking for people to help out with editing.

Have you researched stories, interviewed people, and written articles? Do you have skills in Scribus, desktop publishing? Are you a digital artist or photographer? Do you have a passion for GIMP or related open source software? Contact us on our website.



We are looking for organizations in the following areas who are interested in reaching potentially millions of captivated GIMP users:
• Specialty computer hardware, printers, monitors , pen tablets, etc.
• Specialty cameras, lenses, filters, lighting, accessories, etc.
• Specialty print and imaging services
• Stock photography, textures, font collections, etc.
• Artists, photographers, models, creatives, etc.
• Software / photography / graphic design courses, conferences, etc.
• Specialty software filters, plug-ins, apps, etc.
• Instructional books, DVDs, videos, etc.

Issue 1 of GIMP Magazine was downloaded over 10,000 times within the first 24 hrs. We are so pleased to announce that Issue #1 and 2 of GIMP Magazine has been viewed roughly a quarter million times in it’s first five months.

27% of our readers rated GIMP Magazine as 5 Stars.  GIMP Magazine was rated 4 Stars (or above) by 70% of our users surveyed.  There is an even split between demand for photography articles and digital arts content.  The vast majority of our users would like to see more user tutorials and master classes in the next issue.  The key age group is 21-29 (31%), followed by 30-39 (26%), and we even have a strong audience above 59 years of age (13%).


GIMP Magazine Website & Social Media Traffic
As of September 2014 we can report that the GIMP Magazine website has been viewed over 500,000 times since launch. We launched on July 18th 2012. On any given magazine launch date we usually get roughly 10,000 WordPress views. The most traffic we get by country is the United States, but Europe is first overall then the Americas when viewing traffic by continent. +GIMPMagazine on Google Plus has seen over 2 million views.  And we can also report that we have roughly 15,000 followers at the time of writing this.


Website Traffic by Big Three Countries
22% United States
11% Germany
6% United Kingdom

Website Traffic by Continent
50% Europe
33% Americas
10% Asia
3% Oceania
2% Africa
1% Other


Advertising Rate (Ads and Pricing, in CAD Canadian Funds)

  • Full Digital Page – 14″ x 7.875″ (16:9 ratio) – $99.99 x1
  • Your advertising dollars get you space in our PDF magazine
  • Your advertising dollars get you space in our on-line magazine posted on Issuu.com.

Send us your ad (96 dpi in .jpg, .png or .tif format). Also be sure to send us your website link-through URL address.  Payable by Cheque or by PayPal.  Once payment is made we will contact you regarding ad submissions.  Proceeds go towards supporting our ongoing costs of providing a free magazine to our readers.



GIMP Magazine has been featured in many international media outlets. Here is a small sample

EP Daily TV Feature

Art Digital Magazine Interview

Teleread Interview



Steve, Managing Editor / Design & Publishing
/ Social Media / Web
Dave, Contributing Writer / Editing Assistance
Rolf, All Things Web
Ian, Photographer / Writer / Contributor
Richard, Writer / Contributor / Editing



GIMP Magazine does not takes any responsibility both expressed or implied for the material and its nature or accuracy of the information which is published in this magazine. All the materials presented in this magazine have been produced with the expressed permission of their respective authors/owners.

GIMP Magazine and the contributors disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to implied warranties of merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose. All images and materials presented in this document are printed/re-printed with expressed permission from the authors and or writers. The content responsibility lies completely with the contributing writer or the author of the article, and may not be representative of the views of the publisher.

This PDF magazine is free and available from the GIMP Magazine website. GIMP Magazine is made available under Creative Commons “Attribution-Share Alike 2.5” license.

GIMP Magazine trademark logo (not incl. Wilber) is copyright by the owner Steve Czajka. All advertisements are copyright by the respective owners.



We have been approached by individuals wishing to translate GIMP Magazine into various languages – particularly Spanish, German, French and Russian.  While we are flattered that you want to make these translations we are not quite ready for this.  Our vision of internationalization is far different from simply handing over a 1 GB Scribus source package.  We genuinely care about the quality and experience one has while reading our magazine so we are building our vision of what GIMP Magazine may look like in German for example.  This includes acquiring ISSN numbers that reflect the various languages, establishing a team of trusted and committed individuals to work on this, adjusting our production workflows and release dates, adjusting our logo, our story graphics, page layouts, page numbering, fonts, all tutorials re-done using the German version of GIMP (for example) and so on.  There are so many items to consider to get this right.  If you are interested in helping, kindly leave a comment on our website below, not via email.  If we choose to move forward on this initiative we will properly announce it.



Website: http://gimpmagazine.org/contact
Twitter: www.twitter.com/GIMPMagazine
Google+: +GIMP Magazine
Publication Origin: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



GIMP Magazine was created using Scribus 1.4.1, GIMP 2.6/2.8, Inkscape 0.47. Biondi was used for headlines, Open Sans and Open Sans Condensed for general house text. And we can’t forget “the coolest mascot ever” Wilber, adorning the front cover and various locations!
ISSN 1929-6894 (Online)
ISSN 1929-8498 (Print)



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  3. Just wanted to say that I LOVE the very fact that this magazine exists! I’ve read through the first issue a few times now, and I enjoy it very much. I like the artwork, the links included for each artist, and even the tutorial for something that one doesn’t normally see covered!
    I’m new to graphics programs in general, so this is all new and exciting to me. I’ll probably use GIMP to draw more often than for photo manipulation, so that’s what I’m interested to see. My girlfriend is a photographer that uses GIMP for developing her pics. It’d be really cool to see more of each specific genre!
    I’m not sure if you’d want to publish my artwork, but I’ll be sure to send in a few of my first forays into using GIMP for my cartooning. (Feel free to make an article critiquing them for the benefit of other newbies. lol)
    Anyway, two thumbs up guys and gals! I’ve posted on my site and on FB and have sent the link to friends. I wish you all the best!

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