Issue 3 Preview – Andrea Zanovello

Article by Dave Lepek.  Andrea is a master of HDR photography and short focal lenses (wide-angles and fisheyes).  Andrea usually shoots architecture and landscapes because these genres suit more to his equipment and processing skills.  The photography here is outstanding.  He specializes in HDR and his shots are processed in GIMP.  Andrea can be reached at



We have been informed by a very reliable source that Wilber has been spotted in the wild.  You remember Wilber, the lovable mascot of GIMP software, also adorning the cover of GIMP Magazine?  The confidential report indicated to us that Wilber was seen off the coast of Africa in a casino of all places.  What Wilber was doing in this casino is still unclear to us, but we are continuing to gather reconnaissance.  Wilber should be careful of being seen in public because Dave is on “The Hunt for Wilber”.  Dave has been tracking Wilber all over the world, and we will share the next adventure with all of you in Issue 3 of GIMP Magazine.  Be sure to read Dave’s journal in Issue 2 of GIMP Magazine to discover some of the back story.  A special thanks goes out to Dave Lepek,  Yeshua Nel, and Sandra Livingston for creating this new and exciting graphic novel.  If you have seen Wilber in the wild, send us a tweet, g+, email, and we will share it with everyone (except Dave)!

GIMP Magazine Issue 3 launches on March 6th and we want you to help us melt another server on launch day.  We have received the print test of Issue 3 and it is perfect.  The HD image quality, the paper quality, perfect binding, and sharp print make this an amazing magazine.  The print version is so much better than digital and this is a true testament to the outstanding quality of open source tools like GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus.  MagCloud did another great job with printing and shipping our magazine (even in a major messy snow storm).  Kudos to and FedEx.   Issue 3 is only four sleeps away, and we can’t wait to share this with you.

This article and so many others were edited by Sandra Livingston who can be reached at


Also a big thanks to Rolf from Meet The GIMP for not only hosting this website, but also maintaining it for us.

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GIMP Magazine would not be possible if not for the extraordinary efforts of the GIMP Magazine team members, and everyone who contributes and submits to the magazine.  Cheers, see you March 6th!

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