Call for Content – Issue 7

Submissions Banner - v7This is a call for submissions for Issue #7 of GIMP Magazine.  We have been working hard on the writing, editing, layout and the production of Issue #6.  We do not yet have a release date set for Issue #6, but I can tell you that it has been fully written and edited.  We are awaiting layout and publishing.  Read on for more…

Our readers have asked for the following articles if you can contribute and help out for Issue #7:

  • CMYK profiling in gimp and how gimp can be used for professional printing
  • A tutorial section that is dedicated to the more obscure filters
  • More tutorials showing ALL the power of ONE tool at the time
  • More Pictures from not professional photographer[s]… were everybody can show there pictures, doesn’t matter how bad or good they are.

These are just some of the submission suggestions from our readers.  If you have a submissions suggestion please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

We also have had a suggestion to do a complete GIMP 2.10 feature, and we can tell you that our team has written an outline and have reached out to the core GIMP development team.  The outline looks amazing, although getting started has been difficult!  Plain and simple, we need far more resources to help out with this.

If you can not contribute writing or submitting your photography, consider making a donation to GIMP Magazine.  This helps us to cover the costs of running a free magazine.

Stay tuned for the release date for Issue #6 which is written and edited, but awaiting layout and publishing.  We could really use someone to help us with the layout of our magazine.  Those who are serious about helping, and have Scribus skills are urged to contact us.   Simply leave a comment on this post.  Thanks!


P.S. If you don’t know Scribus but want to learn, we have a course for that at .

14 thoughts on “Call for Content – Issue 7

  1. I am currently using Gimp 2.6.. will my submission still be admissible?
    are there any technical requirements that must be submitted with the submission?

  2. Hi

    Recently I discovered Gimp (again after years) and now I’m in love with this program. I wish to make Gimp more popular in the Netherlands, so I started to put Gimp tutorials for beginners on YouTube in Dutch. (
    I haven’t done much photo editing in Gimp because I just started and put more time in the Dutch tutorials than I had planned. But on my website I have one little piece of artwork that I made with Gimp
    It’s a fantasy animal – mixedup from meerkat and seagull.

    I would be honoured if you use it for issue #7


  3. I’d *love* to Steve. I’m a big advocate of GIMP on Google+ and tag my work with #gimp28 whenever possible (or whenever I remember… my short term memory is terrible. And so is my short term memory).

    I’d like to discuss with you further please?

  4. What about photography submissions? Where does a person send those? Can they have watermarks? (Watermarks made in Gimp of course!)
    I have written an experience about the big difference between painting in Gimp vs. Photoshop (it’s very short and has screenshots). Would this be acceptable?

  5. I use GIMP to create a lot of my ebook covers – I am one of the top horror writers on Amazon, and using GIMP has been a hoot. Examples are on my website , and I’d be happy to write a short article about the experience.

  6. I strongly disagree with the latest point (more pictures … doesn’t matter how bad or good they are). Trash images, completely meaningless and carelessly taken photos, below average snapshots, boring vacation photos etc. shouldn’t be published in a magazine. Nowadays we are flooded with photos like that. There’s no reason to waste space for such a crap. Want to see stuff like that anyway? Join /* your favorite big photo community */ and enjoy!

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