Call for Content – Issue 3


We want to thank everyone for the amazing launch of GIMP Magazine in September.  As reported earlier, we had over 10,000 downloads on the first day, and 35,000 downloads in the first week.  What was most important were all the amazing comments we received from everyone around the world.  Thanks everyone for spreading the word about GIMP Magazine!



The GIMP Magazine team has been hard at work producing Issue #2, and we are happy to report that the first draft of Issue #2 is complete.  We have now closed the submissions for Issue #2.  We have received so many great submissions that Issue #2 will be around 100 pages, double what we delivered in Issue #1.  Many thanks to those who have submitted their amazing works!  Here are some early highlights:

  • 100 pages of Digital Arts awesomeness!
  • Over 50% of the magazine contains tutorials or link-through video tutorials
  • Our typography has been significantly improved thanks to suggestions from our followers
  • A glossy, high-quality print version will be made available for purchase
  • We are planning to release Issue #2 in early December
  • Previews and special features will be made available



The call for content for Issue #3 is now open!  We are starting to turn our focus onto Issue #3 and we are requesting photographic submissions from our users.  This includes gallery submissions, but more importantly user tutorials of post processing photography using GIMP.  This may include macro photography, HDR photography and other specialized effects / filters.  Another theme that is developing for Issue #3 is a focus on software features and software extensions like G’MIC.  Send your submissions to



Advertising is now available in Issue #2.  The deadline for advertising is October 31st.  Our rate card can be found at  Keep in mind that other open source initiatives can advertise with us for free!



Help Support GIMP Magazine by contributing $5.00 CAD (appx 3.9 Euros). This money goes towards covering the ongoing costs of operating a free magazine. And we will provide you with early previews and special content.

Many thanks to those who have already made a contribution. We plan to send you advanced access to special content from GIMP MagazineGIMP Magazine is going strong, and we look forward to releasing Issue #2 in December.  Keep an eye out for previews, and help spread the word about GIMP Magazine!


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  1. HI, would like to let you all know, and invite you to our Facebook Group “Open Source Photography”, anyone’s welcome, and we’d love to see you all there. It may also be a good resource articles.

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