Call for Content – Issue 4

It’s that time again.  This is a call for submissions for Issue #4.  Remember to use our submissions form at

On a separate note, we have been working hard on Issue #3.  Most of the content was actually written and edited last year.  Unfortunately we did have a significant delay over the holidays due to unexpected illnesses that hit several people on our team.  Having said this we are all better now.   The content for Issue #3 has been proof edited and we are in the layout stage.

We hope to hit our goal of providing a quarterly magazine, that would have Issue #3 due for release early in March some time.  More to follow on this and we will announce a release date soon.

We have some absolutely amazing photography and articles in Issue #3 and we are looking forward to this release.  The theme for Issue #3 is a focus on photography with some very cool special features.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome in three new members of our team.  Debi Dalio has joined our team as a writer / editor and a contributor of all things digital arts.  Ian Muttoo who you may know from the cover photography / story of Issue #1 has joined us as a regular contributor for photography articles.  And Yeshua Nel who you may know from the illustration on the cover of Issue #2 has joined us as as well.  Yeshua will be providing the illustrations for The Hunt for Wilber, our graphic novel and hopefully some more amazing master classes.  Debi, Ian and Yeshua can be reached at

Debi Dalio –
Ian Muttoo –
Yeshua Nel –

We look forward to your submissions.  The due date for submissions will be March 1st.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit.

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