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Digital Arts and Design Master Class DVD Cover

Do you want to improve your digital art designs?  As a designer you have a split second to attract someone to your product, as it is competing with so many others.  Or maybe this is for internal use such as business presentations? And you want people to buy into your ideas.  Or maybe you just really enjoy digital arts as hobby and want to make the best of that?  This course can help you with that and more!

Purchase eBook ONLY – ($29.99 CAD, Apx $21 USD)

eBook + Video Based Training – ($59.99 CAD, Apx $44 USD)

This digital download is available using PayPal or Credit Card.  I process most orders in less than an hour during normal business hours. Give yourself the edge over other designers!


  • 20 universal design concepts that will give you an edge over other designers
  • 14 designer tips: quick things that you can do to get immediate results
  • 20 different digital effects tutorials to help draw attention to your works and
  • 15 design studies, from the perspective of a designer (project goals, outcomes, design process and more)
  • Running Time: 4 hrs 20 min
  • Language: English
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Aspect Ratio: 16 x 9 Widescreen
  • File Format: HD, 25 Files, Approx 3.86 GB
  • Course eBook: 122 Page Interactive PDF, plus Hi-Res Version
  • Special Features: Making of Wild Horses Design Study (43 Page PDF), Mural Design Ideas PDF, Designer Type Sample, Templates and Exemplars with voice walk through

NOTE TO SCHOOLS: Site licenses for the above courses are completely FREE to non-private schools.  Teachers, simply purchase one copy and make it available to your students.  I would like to promote the teaching of open source software in schools.  Site licenses for businesses are available upon request.

Click here for a full course outline.



Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket WallpaperScribus ( is very similar to Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and MS Publisher, but Scribus is free, open source and available to anyone around the world.  Learn desktop publishing using free and open source Scribus to create business cards, brochures, flyers, full size posters, newsletters, magazine publications, and even books.  Personally, I use Scribus to create GIMP Magazine, several brochures, certificates, calendars, design proposals business cards and several other professional looking documents.  And all 134 pages of this course was authored using Scribus in addition to all screens used in the video production.

Watch a short video that describes this course, and provides two tutorials to create a magazine cover, and calendars in Scribus.



  • RUNNING TIME: 5hr 51min of step-by-step video tutorials with voice instruction
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • PLATFORM: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 widescreen
  • COURSE INDEX: 40-page interactive PDF including table of contents, resources, definitions, index and more
  • VIDEOS: 32 instructional videos
  • EXERCISES: 19 exercise and four demonstration folders, approximately 100 files, totalling roughly 300 MB
  • COURSE NOTES: 94-page printable course notes PDF, plus an interactive PDF format
  • SUPPORT: Basic email/Skype support provided
  • UPDATES: Course updates provided as digital download.  This includes minor updates and you will be notified by email with a digital download link of any updates, new exercises etc. And this is included in the cost of the course purchase.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Steve Czajka, the managing editor for GIMP Magazine, provides a review of self-publishing an international magazine. This review covers the major steps to start up a magazine, build a following via social media, and provide amazing content. Steve shares the publishing workflow procedures that GIMP Magazine utilizes for each issue of the publication, typography style guides and several design considerations to creating a clean and appealing magazine layout. Check out Steve’s design portfolio at

Desktop Publishing Course ($49.99 CAD, Apx $37 USD)


Upon payment confirmation you will be sent an email with the digital download link.  It is as simple as that!


Still not convinced?  Check out how Scribus is used to create professionally designed and printed brochures.  And of course, Scribus is used to publish GIMP Magazine!


Also check out these certificates that were produced using Scribus!

NOTE TO SCHOOLS: Site licenses for the above courses are completely FREE to non-private schools.  Teachers, simply purchase one copy and make it available to your students.  I would like to promote the teaching of open source software in schools.  Site licenses for businesses are available upon request.

Click here for a complete list of topics.



Designed for Photographers, Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Artists, Digital Artists and the like who want to learn GIMP and Inkscape software along with online portfolio solutions.


  • RUNNING TIME: Approx 5hr 27min of step by step video tutorials with voice instruction
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • PLATFORM: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 Widescreen
  • FILE FORMAT: HD 720 WMV, Approx 2.5 GB
  • DEMONSTRATION FILES: 15, totalling Approx 176 MB
  • PRESENTATION SLIDES: 100+ in PDF Screen and Print formats
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Six Exclusive Digital Arts Examples explained by Steve Czajka using a Master Class format. Steve has been performing freelance graphic arts and calligraphy since 1980 and is the Managing Editor for GIMP Magazine.  Click Here to view Steve’s digital art portfolio.

Digital Arts Course ($39.99 CAD, Appx $29 USD)

NOTE TO SCHOOLS: Site licenses for the above courses are completely FREE to non-private schools.  Teachers, simply purchase one copy and make it available to your students.  I would like to promote the teaching of open source software in schools.  Site licenses for businesses are available upon request.



Gothic Video Based Course Logo - SQ - Xmas

Learn Gothic Calligraphy & Lettering in this online calligraphy course.

Purchase the eBook ONLY – ($49.99 CAD, Appx $36 USD)

eBook + Video Based Training ($99.99 CAD, Appx $75 USD)

eBook + Videos + Calligraphy Review Service – ($199.99 CAD, Appx $150 USD)

For the Calligraphy Review Service all you need is a camera or scanner, and ability to send your images through the internet (e.g. email).  It is as easy as taking a photo with your mobile phone and sending it.  I then review and comment on your work.

This entire eBook was created with open source software – GIMP for image manipulation, Inkscape for all diagrams and exemplars and Scribus for desktop publishing.  Amazing software tools that work great together!

Click here to learn more . . .



Materials Course - SQ

Materials ONLY Video Based Training Course ($39.99 CAD, $29 USD)

Want to get started with Calligraphy & Lettering, but are confused about the materials?  Make your calligraphy stand out by using the best materials that you can commonly purchase.  Steve Czajka spends approximately 50 minutes in this video based training course reviewing calligraphy pens, and other writing tools, brushes, speciality inks, paints, mediums, papers and the best combinations of each.  Steve shows how to load speciality inks into a pilot parallel calligraphy pen.  Steve also shows how to care for different materials.   This course is included in the Learn Gothic Calligraphy & Lettering Course.


  • Running Time:  50 min Approx
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux & More
  • File Format:  HD Video 1920×1080 MP4, 35 Files Approx 1.2GB total – Quick Time, VLC, AVC, Default Android player and more





  • RUNNING TIME: 2hr of video tutorials with voice instruction
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • PLATFORM: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 widescreen
  • FILE FORMAT: HD 1080 MP4
  • VIDEOS: 9 instructional videos
  • SUPPORT: Basic email support provided by Justin Nichol

Purchase Video Based Training Course – ($30.00 CAD, Apx $22 USD)

  • Image Boards
  • Making your own Image Board
  • Thumbnailing
  • Silhouette Exploration
  • Color Blocking
  • Separating Layers
  • Photo Texturing
  • Face Exploration
  • Refinement
  • Final Touches


42 thoughts on “Courses

  1. Hello. I am very interested in this digital arts course. I have used gimp very little. i have some photoshop exp but i want to learn some more about digital arts. I found the gimp and i completely love it. to show my support for the gimp and inkscape, i want to buy the course but i do have a few questions about it.

    1. i am a beginner at graphics. Way back in the day i was pretty good but it has been 10 years or so. I started on PS version 7. haha. Is this geared towards people with little design concepts? can a beginner be able to follow along?

    2. Do i get a physical dvd and files to save to my PC?

    3. What will i be able to accomplish after watching and following along with the courseware files and what not? Does it cover just a few things about the gimp and inkscape or is it a very in depth course and cover what all the tools and options are?

    4. Are terms and jargon explained? IE what are alpha channels or curves type of jargon?

    5. When does the scribus one come out and how much will it be?

    Thank you very much and i hope to hear a reply. I am very excited about this course and i want to get it. I am very pleased to see that there are options for us average users haha. Once again thank you much and i hope to hear from you or someone who has taken the course.


    • Hi Matt, glad to hear that you love GIMP!

      1. Yes the Digital Arts Course DVD is geared to people with little design concepts. This course was created for my calligraphic guild who did not have a knowledge of PS or GIMP. So in other words everything is taught for beginners. From a design perspective I run through six master classes, these are finished digital art pieces that I have created. These are broken down into their components (layers etc) and methodology explained.
      2. Yes you get a physical DVD including 5hr 27 min of video files + course slides pdf + exercise data (images| .xcf files | .svg files | etc)
      3. You will be confident in all of the main aspects of GIMP (layers, masks, curves, hsl, filters, cropping, selections, painting, drawing etc…) It is a comprehensive course.
      4. Yes the terms are explained.
      5. The course outline for the Scribus course is complete. I am currently working on designing the exercises. I still have a fair bit of work to go when you consider content development and testing, graphics, exercise development, video capture, sound capture, production, editing, packaging, payment and roll out. I would hope this Scribus course is complete before Issue #4 comes out in June. I would estimate another two months from now roughly. This course is significant in terms of content. Scribus is a very capable package and to cover it properly will take effort. I suspect it will be the same cost as the Digital Arts Course DVD.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Wow, Thank you much for the prompt reply. I am very excited for it. I cant wait to get it and also the scribus dvd in june. I have waited a long time for something like this. Its hard to find everything on youtube or goolge. Its nice to have a course and have things explained. I imagine if I have questions I can either email you for help or you can point me in the right direction. I am using gimp 2.8 and I know things change with versions so I hope I can complete the course on newer versions of gimp.

    thank you much and best of luck with the future courses.


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  4. hey if I order the Gimp inkscape tut video is there anyway I could get a digital copy download or torrent from you guys so I don’t have to wait for the dvd to get here?

  5. gives 50gb of online storage with ability to privately share links, doesn’t limit you like drop box either. Might be worth looking into if not into using bittorrent for large files. :/ I use it for personal storage to good effect and wiggled my mouse with the creating entropy part. haven’t bothered with the the paid tiers. If not I bought the tutorial anyway, I just hate waiting for shipping lol.

  6. Ok, its all paid for. Well, it says on the recipet that it went threw. i hope it does. let me know via email or something if it doesnt. haha. i have money on the card, just hope i didnt miss a number. haha


  7. G’d evening, mister Czajka,
    Sunday evening I purchased a copy of your Digital Arts Course DVD. I’d like to know when You could send it to me.
    Cheers from Italy ^_^

  8. Ello again. Thank you for all your help. One last question. Since you have so much Exp in graphic design, i am trying to find a good book on design concepts for my wife. She is going to follow this dvd as well. But she is also looking for a book to understand why certtain layouts or colors work and not others and how to layout images in a correct manner and what not. She is debating to go to school for 6 months to learn graphics arts using indesign, illustrator, and PS. She doesnt want a job in it, she just wants to learn and feel good about it. Maybe do some free lance stuff. Anyway, some info an a good book or free ebooks that explain that would be cool, unless it is all covered in the dvd, then i wont worry about it. thank you again my friend

    • Hi Matt, thank you for your question. One of the topics in Part one of the Digital Arts Course DVD actually speaks to my experience and two influential books that stood out in my art/design development. Let me know if you need more, or if you want me to review your wife’s portfolio of design works. Cheers Steve

  9. Showed up today and its awesome. Im watching the vids now and following along. My cousin is a professional pinstripe artist. He currantly paints for the discovery channle for the monster garage and other car shows. You may know of him and his aprentice. His name is gary jenson and his aprentice is mike lavalle.

    anyway, mny wife and i are doing this together. thank you much.

    • Hi Matt, Thanks so much for your comment. I am glad you like the course. I had so much fun making this course. Remember, if you have any questions at all just drop me an email. I make this offer to everyone who purchases the DVD. I do my best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

      My father (now retired) was a master of pinstripe. I have been thinking of starting up a blog of his works alone, but he has so many analogue photos I would not know where to start. I love that TV show (monster garage), and watch it regularly. Tell your friend about my calligraphy – the gothic works would be a great fit for many of their projects. I just love creative custom projects. All the best, Cheers Steve

  10. These are a few comments from my Posterous site which is going dark on April 30 along with all Posterous sites:

    Patricio Bustamante M. responded:

    Hi :
    I’m from Chile ( South America ) I bought this DVD, and I have to say this course is great course.
    Good tips that you are not going to find on Youtube.
    More than just a course of GIMP.
    Thanks Steve.

    Pete responded:

    Great material and well worth the money. Thank you very much for this course!

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    • Hi,

      Yes the course is complete now, but I am in post production. This should not take long, but it is hard to estimate. Possibly a week or two from now it should be ready. I am really happy with the course thus far. I feel it will be amazing value at a low cost.


  12. Just wanted to tell you Steve how absolutely awesome your course was! I have been using Scribus for a couple of years but knew that I still was not using many of the tools available. I use Scribus for book formatting and can’t wait to start on my third book project.
    The videos were very helpful, so nice to actually see you you use tools and learn exactly what can be done.
    I highly recommend this to everyone who uses Scribus.

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  15. Hi Steve,

    I’m also very interested in both your courses – covering GIMP/Inkscape and Scribus. There seems to be a serious lack of structured courses out there covering open source design software. Nearly all courses I’ve come across have focused on Adobe’s suite of products.

    I’m wondering if you’ve considered uploading your courses to Udemy/Udacity, or similar sites, just for increased exposure? It would be good to see the domination of Adobe being challenged in that sphere, and more of a balance established.


  16. Is there anyway you could share what the list of topics are for the Digital Arts Course like you have for the Desktop Publishing Course. I am a school teacher and I teach GIMP in my classes but I’m not an expert and would love to see what you cover. Sounds like this would be perfect for my kiddos.

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  21. I teach at a Christian school in the United States. Could you send me figures for site license pricing for private schools? I am trying to put together my own computer graphics courses based around freeware, as our school cannot afford to shell out cash for software titles.

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