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How to Use Data SGP to Determine Which Teachers a Student Has Studied With

Data SGP contains information about a student’s test instructors. There may be multiple instructors in a test record, or a student may have more than one instructor for the same year. If this is the case, data from this table is useful for identifying which teachers a student has worked with. These tables are not publicly available, which reduces the risk of making a mistake. This article explains how to use Data SGP to determine which teachers a student has studied with.

Data SGP

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Format data set sgpData_LONG

The SGP package provides several tools to manage and interpret longitudinal student assessment data. Among them is the sgpData_LONG format, which contains exemplar longitudinal data sets. Each row in this data set represents a single student, and its columns contain variables associated with that student over time. Using the sgpData_LONG format allows researchers to compare student growth data over different areas.

The SGPdata package contains 4 data sets: sgpData_WIDE, sgpData_LONG, and sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER. The first data set requires a unique student identifier. The second data set requires the grade level and time associated with assessment occurrences. The third set of columns contains numeric scores associated with students.

Format data set sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER

The sgpData_INSTRUCOR_NUMBER table contains the instructor information associated with each student’s test record. This data set contains the names of instructors and students, but does not rank them. It is useful for analyzing test records and preparing statistics. It also contains detailed information about a student’s relationship with his or her instructor. Here are some ways to use this data set.

SGPData is a panel data set consisting of 5 years of assessment data. It is provided in WIDE format and models lower level functions. The first column should provide the unique student identifier, followed by grade level and time associated with assessment occurrences. Next, the student’s numeric scores should be reported. After the data set, the user can use a Python script to analyze the data.

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