Desktop Publishing Course (Using Scribus) Now Available

Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket WallpaperI am pleased to announce that the new Desktop Publishing Course is now available.  Scribus is free and open source software that is comparable to Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and MS Publisher.

Watch a short video that describes the course



  • RUNNING TIME: 5hr 51min of step-by-step video tutorials with voice instruction
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • PLATFORM: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 widescreen
  • COURSE INDEX: 40-page interactive PDF including table of contents, resources, definitions, index and more
  • VIDEOS: 32 instructional videos
  • EXERCISES: 19 exercise and four demonstration folders, approximately 100 files, totalling roughly 300 MB
  • COURSE NOTES: 94-page printable course notes PDF, plus an interactive PDF format
  • SUPPORT: Basic email/Skype support provided
  • UPDATES: Course updates provided as digital download.  This includes minor updates and you will be notified by email with a digital download link of any updates, new exercises etc. And this is included in the cost of the course purchase.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Steve Czajka, the managing editor for GIMP Magazine, provides a review of self-publishing an international magazine. This review covers the major steps to start up a magazine, build a following via social media, and provide amazing content. Steve shares the publishing workflow procedures that GIMP Magazine utilizes for each issue of the publication, typography style guides and several design considerations to creating a clean and appealing magazine layout. Check out Steve’s design portfolio at


I think this is amazing value…

Desktop Publishing Course (Digital Download) $49.99


Desktop Publishing Course (Physical DVD mailed anywhere) $99.99

Upon payment confirmation you will be sent an email with the digital download link.  It is as simple as that!


Still not convinced?  Check out how Scribus is used to create professionally designed and printed brochures.  And of course, Scribus is used to publish GIMP Magazine!




Pages 01 – 04: Welcome, Examples of Desktop Publishing, Quick Demonstrations
Pages 05 – 08: Considerations, Topics, Course Format, About Me
Pages 09 – 14: Definition of DTP, Graphics Packages, Resolution, Images, Graphics, Summary

Part 1 – Getting Started
Pages 15 – 18: Workflow, Downloading & Installing Scribus, Organization, User Interface Tour
Pages 19 – 22: Printing Concepts, Page Layout, Page, Bleeds, Trim, Safe Zone
Pages 23 – 25: Text Frame Basics, Pages, Summary

Part 2 – Images
Pages 26 – 28: Image Frame Properties, Ex1 – Image Gallery
Pages 29 – 32: Case Study: Colorize, Ex2 – Project Folders. Ex3 – Image Overlay, Vector Graphics
Pages 33 – 34: Ex4 – Understanding Trim, Summary

Part 3 – Text
Pages 35 – 38: Text Frames, Ex5A – Working with Text Frames, Ex5B – Linking Text Frames
Pages 39 – 39: Text Properties, Font, Color, Special Effects, Typography Settings
Pages 40 – 42: Document Setup, Scribus Preferences, Summary

Part 4 – Advanced Text
Pages 43 – 44: Story Editor
Pages 45 – 46: Inserting Special Characters, Page Numbers, Glyphs, Search and Replace
Pages 47 – 49: Ex6 – Creating a PDF Slide Presentation, Ex7 – Using Search and Replace, Summary

Part 5 – Objects and Shapes
Pages 50 – 51: Object Properties, Fill, Color, Line, Position, Levels, Layers, Text Wrapping, Rotation
Pages 52 – 52: Drawing Rectangles, Squares, Circles, Shapes, Curves, Freehand, Text Along Path
Pages 53 – 53: Ex8 – Creating a Stitching Effect, Magic Wand Tool
Pages 54 – 56: Node Editor, Ex9 – Wrapping Text Around an Object, Snapping – Grid, Guide
Pages 57 – 59: Case Study: Creating a Professional Brochure, Align and Distribute, Summary

Part 6 – Advanced Scribus
Pages 60 – 63: Page Numbers, Table of Contents, Ex10 – Working with Master Pages
Pages 64 – 65: Styles, Spacing, Font, Color, Optical Margins, Drop Caps, Tabs Indentation, Case Study: Styles in GIMP Magazine
Pages 66 – 67: Ex11 – Creating, Editing, Importing, Saving Styles, Color, Color Pallet, Color Management
Pages 68 – 70: Tables, Ex12 – Create Image Gallery using Tables, Ex13 – Importing Spreadsheets into Tables
Pages 71 – 71: Rotate, Magic Wand, Eye Dropper, Measure, URL, Bookmarks, Notes, Plugins, PDF Forms
Pages 72 – 73: Book Construction – Special Considerations, Summary

Part 7 – Printing and Output
Pages 74 – 76: Save As PDF, Embedding Fonts, Image Resolution, Registration Marks, Transitions, Ex14 – Preflight Verifier
Pages 77 – 78: Case Study: PDF Transitions for Slide Presentations, Quirky Scribus Items You Need to Know
Pages 79 – 81: Image Output (Save as JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.), Ex15 – Image Exporting, Summary

Part 8 – Scribus vs Adobe InDesign
Pages 82 – 83: A Review of Scribus Pros and Cons as Compared to Adobe InDesign

Part 9 – Bonus: Self-Publishing a Magazine
Pages 84 – 88: Establishing Goals, Forming a Team, Website, Social Media, Case Study: Graphic Novels, Case Study: Workflows
Pages 89 – 94: Course Closing, Overall Summary, Resources For You After This Course, Thank You

8 thoughts on “Desktop Publishing Course (Using Scribus) Now Available

    • Hi John, Yes I want to promote open source software learning in the schools, so absolutely install this course on every machine in your school. I would be honoured if you did. For companies or private schools I do charge a reasonable fee for site licenses depending on the number of desktops. Kindly name your school in the PayPal transaction. Cheers Steve

  1. I really really really want this course BAD! I have wanted to design a magazine forever and also make html emails. Im not sure if scribus can make an html newsletter.
    Im excited for this. I have your other course and im glad you dis this course. For membera who purchased your first course, do they get a dis count or extra stuff? Just curious.


    • Hi Matt,

      Sorry, I can not offer extra discounts. The cost of this course is quite low and I feel that people get amazing value. Any commercial equivalent would be double the cost.


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