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Help Support GIMP Magazine by contributing any amount. This money goes towards covering the ongoing costs of operating a free magazine.


Help Support GIMP Magazine by purchasing a t-shirt, mug, sweatshirt or anything you can slap our logo on. The service we are using covers a complete line of merchandise that you can place the GIMP Magazine logo onto.  All of this can be purchased from CafePress by credit card (or PayPal) and delivered right to your door. A very small percentage of the sale is sent to us. We can use this money to help us continue to run this magazine.


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Note: At the very bottom of their webpage, CafePress has international locations which will greatly reduce your costs!

What’s cooler than a GIMP Magazine gift?


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    • You can from Issuu, but we DO NOT recommend it as it is only a screen version. A print version was not created for Issue 1 due to a lack of images suitable for print. You will be able to buy a glossy version of Issue #2 and subsequent issues starting in December.


        • Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. Yes, Issue #1 was not designed for print. Print has added an extra level of complexity, but we are really happy with Issue #2, and we look forward to getting back our print test. The print test should arrive to us on November 14th. Cheers Steve

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  8. i have to say i really love the print versions of the magazine when they are available. i have #2, 3, 4, and 5, and they are all top-notch. i’m pretty old school, so i love being able to flip through them physically to get ideas and check out all the graphics rather than simply scrolling. i do hear you when you say they really are an extra level of complexity, so i can see why you’d focus on the PDF version primarily, especially if not very many people are opting for the pay-for-print style. i just wanted to put in my 2 cents because i love the print version. awesome work.

    • Thanks Garth. I loved the print version as well! It was not that the amount of sales were low, but rather that print-on-demand is expensive and we would only get a few dollars off of each unit. The level of effort simply did not justify the work. While print-on-demand is an amazing service, with amazing quality, it needs to come way down in price before it is a viable option for the publisher. Going digital makes it way easier for us to continue to publish this magazine. Thanks for your comment! Cheers Steve

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