GIMP Magazine – Issue #4 Update

Issue4 Update

GIMP Magazine Issue #4 will be delayed until early September 2013.  Members of our team have been pulled away from this project, and sometimes life just gets in the way.  We have nearly all of the content that was planned for this issue already written and edited.  Layout has also started.  We feel that this may be the best GIMP Magazine issue ever so we want to get this right and make it amazing for you.  We appreciate your on-going contributions and support.

We look forward to delivering Issue #4.  Look for previews late summer. Help us to reach 10,000 followers by re-tweeting, re-sharing, or telling someone about GIMP Magazine.

GIMP Magazine Team

5 thoughts on “GIMP Magazine – Issue #4 Update

  1. I for one appreciate all the effort and dedication that must be put in to give us all this amazing FREE publication, I say take your time as all good things come to those who wait.

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