Here Is What You Told Us!

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I want to thank everyone who has responded to our survey.  We are seriously looking at establishing new goals for our magazine and these suggestions help us a great deal.  Here are the results of the survey of roughly 100 respondents and our insights:

  • About 85% of respondents rated Issue #4 as four stars or above.  We are incredibly pleased with your rating of Issue #4.
  • Overwhelmingly people enjoyed tutorials the most from Issue #4, followed by photography articles and the galleries (equally).
  • Most people read our magazine: for tutorials, to understand capabilities of GIMP, and to be inspired.
  • The majority of respondents are aged 30-39, yet there is also strong readership equally from 40-49, 50-59, and even 60 and above, telling us that the magazine is widely accessible by many age groups.  The only group that was under-represented was 0-19, which is unfortunate as I would like to see GIMP and other open source software products taught in schools around the world giving all students the freedom to create.
  • The vast majority of readers liked Issue #4 the best, followed by #3, then #2, then #1 in that order.  We might infer from this that the content and production efforts are getting better.
  • Overall, you sent us various comments similar to “keep up the great work”, and “I like the direction it’s going in” (thanks for these!).
  • We also received comments like “more tutorials” (more for beginners, more for advanced, more of everything just about)
  • A comment, “More Pictures from not professional photographer[s]… were everybody can show there pictures, doesn’t matter how bad or good they are.”  I want to reiterate that submissions are open to everyone, and please do NOT be intimidated by some of the outstanding works that have been in our magazine.  We are often in need of photography submissions from everyone!  Submissions make it based on how well they meet our magazine’s goals.
  • We received suggestions to create a special issue of GIMP Magazine.  We can share with everyone that we are just starting to work on a GIMP 2.10 special issue.  GIMP 2.10 is a very significant release with so many amazing features.  While in the very early stages, we are working with the team at to help prepare a special edition of GIMP Magazine that explores the new software features of GIMP 2.10.  We plan to release this as a special issue outside of our quarterly pattern, possibly aligning it with the release of the software.  We will see how this goes and report more when we know more.  This is going to be a fun issue to work on!
  • A comment, “I would like to see more about CMYK profiling in gimp and how gimp can be used for professional printing.”, and another comment “Yes perhaps a tutorial section that [is] dedicated to the more obscure filters… “.  We would like to open this up to our readers to ask for submissions from people who are experienced in these areas.  Further to this idea, perhaps we should have a post on our website (periodically) for submission suggestions?  And people could add topic suggestions and others can write and submit on that topic.
  • A great suggestion, “More tutorials showing ALL the power of ONE tool at the time”, again I will open this up to those who want to submit on this.  And keep in mind there is a course available for this at
  • A comment, “Just more of it”. While we love this comment, we are not yet in a position to move to a monthly magazine but we are working on a special edition for GIMP 2.10.
  • Nearly 70% of respondents felt that a digital copy best met their needs (as opposed to our print-on-demand version of GIMP Magazine).  Some commented that MagCloud + shipping was too expensive, while others commented that the price was fine but that they were on a tight budget.  We understand these concerns, respect them, and will monitor the progress of our print version.

Thank you so much for taking part in our survey.  This is helping us to reshape our magazine goals.  We are looking at the following new goals:

  1. Develop Content – Currently our magazine is primarily based on submissions from others.  We would like to be in a position to develop more content on our own such as Ian Muttoo’s photography column.  We had several suggestions for this in our survey (e.g. CMYK printing from GIMP) and we would like to meet these requests.
  2. Magazine Format – By far our readers have told us that they read GIMP Magazine for tutorials.  We would like to transition the format from a traditional print /digital PDF format to a far more interactive format.  This is an example of an end goal that we have in mind:  While we are not promoting this as a platform, and we understand that the developers of this platform were bought out, the idea of this interactive product is where we would like to see our magazine evolve to.  When and how is completely unknown at this time, but this is what we would like to shoot for.
  3. Increase Frequency – We would like to become a monthly publication.  While we are quite far away from this we are starting with a special edition which would be above our quarterly frequency.  We need far more content and support for this to happen.
  4. Become Funded – In order to meet many of the above goals we are looking to fund GIMP Magazine.  This offers us a way to pay for written content that you ask for.  This also moves us in the direction of a more frequent publication.  GIMP Magazine will remain free for everyone, but we will be looking to start a funding campaign on Indigogo or some similar platform.  We plan to advertise for this campaign in Issue #5 (December 2013 which is well underway) and target it for Issue #6 (March 2014).

Steve Czajka,
Managing Editor for GIMP Magazine


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  1. Several mentioned multiple times the special edition to be released around the release of GIMP v2.10. For those of us not on top of the release schedule, what’s the current estimate as to when that “might” be coming our way?

  2. I found out about the GIMP in 1999 from a Unix literate friend and bought a copy of SuSE 7 and have been using the GIMP for most all of my graphics related activities. It’s my go to program for desktop backgrounds for my laptop’s and desktop’s and phone’s. Love the Gnome interface, hope that never changes. You can easily create great looking products and enjoy the experience. The magazine is a very good idea and wish it all the success that it really deserves. Heres kudos to Steve and every body out there that’s contributed to the development of the GIMP. Cheers~

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