Issue 1 Preview – GIMP Design Gallery

This was created using GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus, download it at: .  This is just a taste of what will be available in our design gallery.  A gallery of user submissions including: digital art, illustrations, storyboards, graphic novels, web design, graphic design, and so much more using GIMP.  This will be a repeating feature in our magazine very much like our Photography Gallery and Master Class sections.

This is an easy, free,  and amazing way to share your creations with the rest of the world.  Click here to submit: .  We need your submissions.  Each feature in our gallery will have a short description of the piece and a link back to the artists website / twitter etc…

Drop us a comment on the website (, Google+ (+GIMP Magazine) or Twitter (!  We want to hear your opinion.  P.S. There is a small Easter Egg for +Clayton Walker on g+.  Thank you for your suggestions, they don’t just make our magazine, but they make our magazine better!  Cheers, Steve Czajka

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