Issue 1 Preview – GIMP Master Class

So it begins…

The ‘GIMP Master Class‘ is one of our features in the magazine reserved for digital artists, designers and photographers who have achieved great things using GIMP and want to share their experience with the world.  Our Master Class features are designed to be high level tutorials that describe a significant  piece of artistic work.  Ludovic Celle’s ( ) six page Master Class tutorial takes us on a step by step journey of how he created, “Green Growth” an actual avenue in Grenoble, France that he radically transformed using GIMP in about 15 hours!

The Master Class article is planned to be a repeating segment in upcoming magazine issues, and is a great way to feature your awesomeness to the rest of planet earth.  Click here to learn  how to submit: are open to everyone!

These upcoming previews during the month of August should give you a sense of the depth and quality of this publication.  And we hope you like it!  Drop us a comment on the website (, Google+ (+GIMP Magazine) or Twitter (!  We want to hear your opinion and hashtag it #GIMPMag

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has followed us on twitter, Google+, by email subscription and even Issuu.  You guys (and gals) are truly awesome!  Your actions have helped to spread the word about this cool and fun publication.  There are so many more GIMP users on the planet that we want to reach so keep spreading the word!  After all, GIMP Magazine is a publication specifically for you – our GIMP user community!  Be sure to check out preview #2 next week!


Steve Czajka
Managing Editor, GIMP Magazine (


5 thoughts on “Issue 1 Preview – GIMP Master Class

  1. Hey Steve!
    You´re looking forward…in Europe? You make a great Job! THANKS!
    … for this Mag.
    Is it also available in German next Time?

    • Hi Andreas,

      We have had a few requests for the magazine to be published in different languages. The difficulty is that our team is very small, and we have no expertise in translation. The second difficulty is the amount of work involved to do a proper translation of both text and rework the layout of the graphics multiplied by multiple languages makes this a very difficult task.

      We are looking at a partial solution of using an automated system that will translate into any language on earth. It is not perfect by any means, it does not correct for layout, but it is a step in that direction and will work with modern tablet devices. We will communicate if we choose this method. Until then it is Canadian English – as the publication actually originates out of Canada.


  2. This is excellent news. I used to use Photoshop (excuse the language) some years ago but then moved over to Ubuntu. Tried to use Photoshop Elements in Wine but it was too much hassle and then tried GIMP. I have to say it was a steep learning curve and this magazine will be a boon.
    Good luck to you all.

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