Issue 1 Preview – GIMP Resources Article

Its “Back to School” with two blackboards full of GIMP resources that we know you will find essential!  Resources about GIMP Help, Forums, Tutorials, Scripts, Plug-ins, Brushes, Stock Textures, and Design and Inspiration sites.  Simply click on the links when the PDF magazine is released.  All the things you need for back to school!  lol  🙂

Drop us a comment on the website (, Google+ +GIMP Magazine or Twitter (!  We want to hear your opinion.  The launch date announcement for this magazine will be coming soon!  All systems GO!

A new Submissions Form makes contributing to this magazine easy.  Check it out at:


5 thoughts on “Issue 1 Preview – GIMP Resources Article

    • Hi Alexandre,

      Thanks for your comment. We may consider facebook at a later date. You can do us a favour and share us on facebook using our like button at the bottom of each post. We are a small team so we will be staying with: our website, Twitter, email subscriptions, and Google+ as our communication channels for now. This is enough for now!


    • Hi Vlado,

      Thanks for the link, and cool site! You are a bit early for the party. We will be launching a new page on this website for Essential GIMP Resources. The idea is that anyone can make a suggestion for a new GIMP Resource link, and we will simply add it to the page on an on-going basis, long after issue one launches. People can use this website as a single point of contact for various Essential GIMP Resources. Come back after the launch and submit as many sites as you like.


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