Issue 12 Preview – Martín Eschoyez

Preview - Issue12

Issue 12 features an article called “Digitally Coloring Quasi-mode” that was written by Martín Eschoyez and edited by Debi Dalio. In this multi-page tutorial, Martín explains one of his techniques that gives life to hand-drawn graphics.

Martín started by sketching something that finally turned into this big eyed character with a dinosaur tail. It is amazing what one can create by combining a hand-drawn sketch with digital post processing using open source and free GIMP. View Martín’s work at

We are working on content for June, but it is not yet finalized and we may be forced to push this back until September.  We plan to take July and August off in order to build new magazines for the fall and winter. Over the summer months be sure to enjoy our back issues at Perhaps purchase a course for you or your family to learn GIMP, Inkscape and / or Scribus at

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Join us for the launch of Issue #12 in mid to late May!


7 thoughts on “Issue 12 Preview – Martín Eschoyez

  1. The issues of GIMP Magazine are just fantastic. I always look forward to new issues and learn always a lot from the content. Every time I am amazed of the creativity of the contributions. Thanks for all efforts !

    • Henk, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Many people contribute to this magazine such as artists, photographers, designers, editors, and website experts. But we do need the contributions of others to sustain this magazine, and we hope that they continue to submit new and amazing content. We look forward to publishing that content in the best ways possible so that we can help to spread the word about the amazing capabilities of GIMP and related open source software. Cheers Steve

  2. Hey, did my submission ever get through to you guys? I had written an article that you had wanted me to write concerning the video I had on YouTube about the dark/black version of GIMP. I submitted something not sure if it went through, let me know. Thanks.


    • Yes, I have also passed on the submission to our editor Richard. Richard may contact you for details. Thanks so much – many people are interested in your article, and the video will be most helpful. Cheers Steve

  3. I use Gimp for my photo editing and find it very good. Please give more (advanced) tutorials on techniques. Such as ways of getting round not having LAB curves, and how to use layer blending modes in detail. And any other advanced tutorials to help get the very best from Gimp. I feel there are a lot of articles about design and graphics which are way beyond most people’ s ability or needs. Also, when will Gimp be getting 16bit graphics? It’s a good magazine though! Cheers, Charles.

  4. Hello Gimp. I came across your magazine, and it looks promising. I would like for you to have a section in the magazine on photo problems and how to fix them in Gimp. With pictures, and text explaining the process. Most have articles on what everyone does right to get the awesome pic, but to be different maybe you could do what everyone does wrong and how to fix them?

    Please don’t give up on your magazine. It takes a long time to establish this type of product. Could take 2-3 years. I have another tip for you also. There is a website you sign up for that allows you to ask for your needs. Bloggers, someone to interview, and writers. The choice is yours. You put the rules in place on what you allow and post the rules and what type of content you are looking for. It is called HARO. If you do a search for it the site should pop up. I am not affiliated with them at all. Perhaps you can contact them and ask them if you can benefit from their site? If you want more information just ask away. By the way their service is free. I am just trying to help you guys out because I can see that you are trying hard to make this work.

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