Issue 2 Preview – Contents

We felt that is was important to share with you the table of contents for Issue 2.  We had so many great submissions that we doubled the size of Issue 2.  Twice the Awesome!



Here are just some of the highlights of Issue 2:

  • We have a 10 page feature Q&A article with David Revoy, a professional illustrator
  • We have a few short features on other talented digital artists and graphic designers
  • We have information for noobs on how to get started with GIMP.  Be nice, we were all GIMP noobs at some point, LOL!
  • We have a full length 12 page tutorial from Madeleine Fisher, a professional graphic novelist and superhero
  • We have an “Oil Painting Tutorial” By Susanna Bur designed for GIMP beginners
  • We are now adding a short but useful Tips and Tricks columns, just look for Wilber!
  • We have an 18 page Gallery dedicated to digital art created using GIMP and/or related software.  This includes some specialized textures and even link-through video tutorials
  • We have a Master Class from the Master Yeshua Nel on how to illustrate the coolest character from scratch — trust me when i say this is movie quality talent!
  • As a special feature new in Issue 2, we are launching a “Wilber Art Contest” – Draw your best Wilber, and we may feature you on the cover of GIMP Magazine.  (Fun Fact: Wilber is the very cool GIMP Mascot!)
  • We have a tutorial on how to “Design Professional Brochures Using GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus” from Steve Czajka, and this includes a 26 minute link-through video tutorial
  • Rolf Steinort of  put together for us an awesome tutorial and link-through video tutorial on “How to Setup and Use a Graphics Tablet with GIMP 2.8”
  • We have a Book review by Oma Dial, of “The Artist’s Guide to GIMP”
  • We have teasers on what stories we are working on for Issue #3 (Planned for March 2013)
  • A special thanks article from GIMP Magazine to you and all your awesome comments!
  • And we wrapped all of this in a very cool looking magazine design with an all new typographic style and captivating cover!  Oh yeah, did I mention that GIMP Magazine is FREE?


Issue #2 is due out on December 5th at


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  1. I cannot wait for the second issue! The first issue was great but this one looks to be shaping up to be a work of art.

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