Issue 2 Preview – David Revoy

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David Revoy is an illustrator / concept artist living and working in the south of France (Toulouse) as a freelancer since 2002.  GIMP Magazine asked David to contribute and here is his story. David’s website is and he can be reached at  This interview with GIMP Magazine took place on 2012-08-10. David was kind enough to share with us some amazing art pieces and a very interesting article about GIMP and his views about the package.

This spread also shows off our new typographic style developed for the magazine.  This features the Biondi font for titles.  We also have Open Sans and Open Sans Condensed for body copy, sub-titles, captions etc.  This is our new house style.  Some Feature articles will have their own typographic styles.  This was developed with assistance from one of our followers — many thanks!  We hope that you like this new style.

Keep in mind these are just previews that have not yet been proofed.  Remember that GIMP Magazine Issue 2 arrives December 5th — tell your friends!



We want to sincerely thank Rolf Steinort.  Rolf not only helps to promote GIMP Magazine, but he also looks after the hosting and domain of our website.  He helps us with article contributions and the proof reading of GIMP Magazine drafts.  If you are interested in learning GIMP, and you enjoy the video podcast format like we do then you have to check out


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