Issue 2 Preview – Yeshua Nel

Yeshua Nel is a digital artist who has a passion for art—maybe even a “slight obsession,” according to him. Yeshua has been using GIMP for over six years now and he works in the game industry. His dream is to create concept art and illustrations for some of his favorite game developers.

This master class is a high-level, step-by-step guide to how Yeshua started with a basic digital drawing and created a finished product called “Wilber” in six major steps using GIMP. While creating this article, Yeshua did mention that “the process for each artist will differ as will an artist’s style,” so feel free to experiment and use this master class as a guide for your work.



We also want to share with you an Interview I had with Joanna Cabot from Teleread.  Here is the article:  This article talks about how we got started with GIMP Magazine.

Just a reminder that Issue #2 arrives December 5th in both digital and print formats.  We have already been working hard on Issue #3 and it is shaping up to have a focus on software and photography.

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