Issue 3 Preview – GIMP vs PS Comparison

This article compares over 70+ features between GIMP 2.8.0 and Adobe Photoshop (PS) CS 5.5 Extended.  The magazine will showcase a 12 page sample of the full 25 page article / white paper that we will make available from our website.  Maybe you are considering moving to the open source world and want to get an idea of how the two products roughly compare?  Maybe you are considering a change from GIMP to PS, or maybe you are coming into this cold and are trying to decide which route to take.  This article will help answer all of those questions.  Be sure to download Issue #3 of GIMP Magazine on March 6th when it is released.  Issue #3 is complete and we are awaiting a print test.  Issue #3 will be available in the regular formats: PDF direct download, online viewing via, ultra high quality print version, and iPad tablet version.  And did I mention that GIMP Magazine is free?



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3 thoughts on “Issue 3 Preview – GIMP vs PS Comparison

  1. Sharing Documents Within Your Company or Between Companies
    steam have 50.000.000 of users some time ago it had an software survey listing the top 100 most common programs who steam users also use.
    gimp was on this list (i cant remember how many %) and photoshop was not.

    so i guess we may have more gimp users than photoshop users.
    plus if gimp had 6.8 million of downloads, to maintain this proportion (98% photoshop 2% gimp) we might have 333,2 millions of photoshop users.. considering the price and adobe market value i dont think this is possible (unless most of this users use pirated versions of ps, but an companie cant use pirated programs )

  2. If you do a proportion of worse case and lets say out of the 100, gimp is the last, that means 1% of the 50 million use gimp in one given survey pool which is 5 million users. Haha.

    I prefer gimp now over ps. Illustrator my be diff story. Inkscape is good but illustraors trace is far better

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