Issue 4 Preview – The Hunt for Wilber

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The Hunt for Wilber is back in the second installment.  In the first installment Dave was on his private helicopter to seek out Wilber.  Find out what happens next in this thrilling graphic novel by Dave Lepek, illustrated by Yeshua Nel.  Read the back story in Issue #2 and #3 of GIMP Magazine.



The Hunt for Wilber is created in both GIMP and Inkscape, then published in Scribus.  All open source software!  GIMP is used for the illustrations and Inkscape is used for the text and text bubbles.  The process starts with the magical mind of Dave Lepek.  Dave roughs out on paper a few story ideas.  These ideas are developed and worked into storyboards (very rough sketches).  The storyboards do not include the final words.  The storyboards travel across the world to Yeshua Nel who does an outstanding job of not only interpreting our sketches, but turning them into real print-quality images.  Once we receive the final images the text is created and edited by Sandra Livingston and Debi Dalio.  Final text including the title logo is then added to the images using Inkscape.  Inkscape is a wonderful and fast tool to create the text bubbles.  We have developed an Inkscape template of standardized call-outs, text circles, and thought bubbles.  It is amazing that this graphic novel all starts with a single idea, a blank sheet of paper, and that open source software enables us to create the final product.

If you like The Hunt for Wilber, drop us a comment on our blog, tweet us or let us know.  It takes significant effort to produce these and Dave Lepek would like to know what is in your thought bubbles.  See what I did there. 🙂



Issue #4 of GIMP Magazine has been sent to for a print test and is due back to us by August 14th.  Plenty of time for us to prepare for the September 4th release of GIMP Magazine.  That is only four weeks away.  This issue is spectacular and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!  We also have some special plans for our Directors Cut video release.  We are mixing it up this time around.  This is a huge effort from everyone and we appreciate you contributions!


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