Issue 5 Launches December 11

Preivew Pat David

Issue #5 of GIMP Magazine arrives to the world on December 11th.  This exciting issue is kicked off by master photographer and GIMP expert Patrick David.  We have so much in store for you in our fifth installment.  This is going to be amazing and fun at 90 pages of tutorials and more!  Check out what’s inside:


  • We have a feature article with Pat David displaying some innovative photography techniques (including the happiest baby ever!)
  • Pat David also describes a very detailed tutorial about using RAW photography and GIMP together
  • The master Christopher Mark Perez is also back sharing another master class with us
  • We also have a special feature in this issue which is a cross over with the ever-popular “Meet the GIMP” website — this is an article revealing the Rolf’s photography challenge
  • In addition to this we have a packed photography and design galleries with some pretty amazing works
  • Steve Czajka reviews the quickly evolving marketplace of image manipulation software in an article that will make you rethink how you choose to manage your images
  • To top it all up we have Debi Dalio providing a special review of Tux Paint for little ones who will eventually graduate to become new users of GIMP


Digital Arts Course - CD Jacket Wallpaper


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The GIMP Magazine Team!

P.S. Keep your submissions coming in!  We need more full length articles and tutorials for Issue #6 (Planned for March 2014)!  Possibly your creations will make the cover?  We need more photography submissions too!  Don’t be bashful. The deadline for submissions is December 31st.

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