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Thanks everyone for filling out our survey.  So many great suggestions.  Your suggestions will help us to make Issue 2 better.


In addition to those we thanked in the magazine, I also want to especially thank our team members and all of the incredibly talented contributors who made this possible.  Be sure to stop by and visit our Gift Shop. Help support GIMP Magazine!


From the GIMP Magazine Team!
(Jorden, Rod, Dave, Oma, Rolf, Sandra and Steve)

P.S. while a print version can be purchased from Issuu, we do NOT encourage this as the resolution for the magazine is screen only.  We are planning to release a print version starting at Issue #2 of GIMP Magazine!


92 thoughts on “GIMP Magazine – Issue 1

  1. I feared that it will come to this. The download button on issuu does not work (maybe with login, I don’t know). I have to go for a business travel today and dreamed of reading Gimp Magazine in the train, but issuu is, due to the missing download opportunity, not offline compatible.

    What’s so bad about a simple download link that brings the PDF right on my harddisk? I hoped that Gimp Magazine would keep the free spirit of gimp, but issuu?!

    Anyway, congrats for the magazine release, must have been a lot of work.

    • “I had hoped that Gimp Magazine would keep the free spirit of gimp, but issuu?!”

      I’m not sure what other self publishing sites are out there; however, I do know that server space, downloads, the servers that host and the people that support the issue’s download need to be fed a financial diet of greenbacks in order to publish a paper version. I think it is great that there is a choice to download a version of the magazine. The high quality magazines that are out there for photoshop cost $15.95US and how many of us shell out that kind of money (though I now download mine in digital format – a much cheaper way).

      Great issue and look forward to more.

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  3. Hi, where can we download the 1st issue? In it’s just embedded into closed Flash application. It is possible downloading a PDF like it is mentionned in this article?
    Why didn’t you made a direct link to the PDF?
    I enjoy to can read this magazine that looks beautiful and interesting.

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  8. Una revista especializada de gimp 😀 aunque este en Ingles creo que será una de mis páginas favoritas de hoy en adelante. suerte

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  11. Great stuff! So glad to finally see this happening. I really want to learn Gimp, sometimes I struggle to find where to start.

    On another note, hope there are plans to publish this in Epub in the future, that would be sweet.

    Thanks for the great work, will be reading it today!

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for the Magazine! I do truly appreciate your efforts to bring it into life.

    I’ve downloaded the first issue, had a quick look at the pages. While I was beforehand expecting to see all the shorts of “being first” (the first issue), I am disappointed with the choice of fonts used in it for two reasons.

    First, all three fonts (Biondi, Bookman Antiqua and Browallia) mentioned in the production notes on page 7 are proprietary, which is by no means in line with the free spirit of GIMP, even though Bookman Antiqua is freely available in Windows machines. This makes the future issues of the magazines not only platform-hanging (Windows), but also person-hanging (in this case, the one who owns the license for Biondi). Whereas, with free/open source fonts the Gimp Magazine would always remain free of platforms, (in line with PDF, the use of GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus), and of person(s) who currently make(s) the magazine with Scribus, as those fonts are freely available and installable at any time and in all platforms.

    If you absolutely go with Palatino (or its clones) for body texts, why not use for example TeX-Gyre Pagella? ( I don’t know what makes Browallia (Numerals) special, but what about using for example League Gothic ( or Play ( for headlines? Since it is a magazine in question here, why not using even a generic Sans-Serif font with relative extensive styles for body text, along with headlines, captions and footnotes, like Open Sans (, Roboto ( or even Exo ( There are several others that would do their job well in a magazine. Crimson Text, PT Sans, Gentium spring to mind immediately.

    Second, the texts on the gallery pages, even if not mentioned in the production notes, are unfortunately set in Arial/Arial Bold. It is widely agreed in the typography world that the use of Arial (as well as Times New Roman) indicates that one doesn’t care about typography. And the use of Arial in a magazine closely related to design is nothing but, with one word, disaster.

    You might re-consider the choice of fonts to be used in the future issues.



    • Hi Gezengen,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I had a chance to go through it just now. Nice picks. I would like to discuss a few items with you. Send me an email and we can chat.


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  16. A strange thing happened when I downloaded the magazine, all the language turned into something unreadable (like lots of letters put together without sense). Have no idea what caused it. However I read the first issue on-line and it went well 🙂 Thanks for the magazine, looking forward to the next issue!

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  20. Excellent. I have been a long time user of Gimp but was self taught and I know I was missing a great deal by not really knowing what I was doing much of the time. The magazine will be an inspiration to me to start anew. Great job, guys and ladies! Thanks.


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  26. merci !
    Thank you very much for this magazine ; we did need it a lot since a long time !

    But :
    – it is not in french ! That is a pity …
    – we also need some precisions about that you ‘name’ a hight end computer , do you mean an I5 or I3 intel and at least 4 Go memory with two screens and a tablet …
    – we also need the name of the cameras which are “confortable” working with gimp ; some of them have their own softwares or are protected against manipulating programs.
    – i have appreciated the photos of Grenoble (france) and all the explanations – clearly understood – that is great ! … and very fun … – Grenoble has its own light and its own soft way of life so seing your work; i thought it was around tchernobyl : a. very extraordinary work !
    – i have not found in gimp or in your magazine (ok, the first one ! ) how to hide or crypte a message in a photo/picture : it is a function which could be included and be usefull … maybe …
    – a modern camera is programmed so it can be ‘disturbed’ around airport or military area and even the pictures can be copied without authorisation of the author, can you give us few advices on how to keep private our photos and how to avoid that a camera be open at this strange function (a sony ? a canon ? a minolta ? what sort of licence are included in their policy for allowing them to send a double of my photo to interpol ????).

    I will do appreciate that you considere seriously to translate your magazine from english to french …

    The download of the PDF was quick and fine and very nice : we need so much to understand how a professionnal skill can change all using Gimp …

    Thank you very much.

    ps: i am certain/sure that the spanish people also do wish a translation in their langage.
    my english is only for 5 years old child, i know, but every one can understand that a five years old child want : per example read your magazine in french … 🙂


    • You have some interesting points there, some of them I never have heard of before. Camera stuff, steganography and so on are not specific to GIMP and so I think that it will be outside of the goals of the magazin – but I’ll see that I cover some of that stuff in my podcast “Meet the GIMP!”.

      There is no real answer to the question how powerful a computer has to be to work with GIMP. The slow ones I have in school (about 5 years old and then not top of the line) are fast enough for a lot of stuff. More memory would be nice. And when I have a really big image with a lot of layers I have to wait a bit sometimes on my 4 core Phenom with lots of memory. Just try it.

      Every digital camera that I know of is capable of making editible pictures for GIMP. Just chose JPEG as the output format. If you want to go the RAW way – well, there are some RAW formats that are not yet readable for Open Source programs.

      I don´t know of cameras that can transmit images, except for mobile phones and high end journalist grade stuff. And that is pretty safe. So no problem here.

      A translation should be no problem except for finding the people doing it. The license allows this – and I guess that Steve would share the source files so that the PDF has not to be decompiled.

  27. Thanks for this magazine, I will read it as soon as I have enough time.

    I agree with the Google Current format and/or epub format. Those are great for reading on a phone/tablet. You might get in touch with the full circle magazine team, they offer both those formats for download.

    For the translations in french or another language, I think the FCM model works great: have a translation team for each language.

    • I do not know the FCM, all that i mean are about tutorials and explications unfortunately in English – i know the great sens of ‘pedagogy’ and ‘professionnalism’ and big value of their experiences …

      In fact, in english, it is easier and faster.
      But, i cannot learn, i can only practice so it is a little disapointing.

      Per example i have not yet understood the function or the manner to use correctly the function named ‘way/chemin’, i know that it is about a picture or a layer which becomes a ‘vector’ but i do not really catch the idea and why it is so important …

      It is for this reason (and few personnals others) that i have insisted on the neccessity of a translation of this magazine ( and the next …).

      Another reason is also my limited area in gimp, of course i have read the manual but do you realise that you can understand it only when you know using Gimp before ?
      So, without experience in anothers softwares editor/manipulating image; the manual of Gimp is not readable, not at all.

      i expected something clear, neat, ‘friendly’ user since a long time and only a magazine could open this door: that is done !
      Wonderfull number one !

      Unfortunately, i must admit that it is in english that i have found intelligence and skills – reals, not falses or supposed – in the most tutorials of free softs contained in my ubuntu 12 lts (which openoffice/libreoffice).

      Unfortunately, i am not able to speak german or japanese but i am sure that the way which they are ‘picking’ up the tools of Gimp will merit a paragraph maybe for one of the next magazine.

      Unfortunately, the langage is not a barrier, but the mentality yes !

      Gimp, like a lot of softwares, is probably made for and from english/us people, so we are lucky to be allowed to have it …

      And it is not enought, now we want more and be better than these ones : for this purpose, we need ideas more and more actuals; only the works of the others can helps us to show us the hiden possibilties of Gimp.

      In french, tricks are sometimes impossible to follow it.

      In french, logical steps are always in front of the same english question ” why this step, for what result ? “.

      It is also for this reason that we need a translation : in english you know why, us not !

      Can i help you ? no, i do not practice perfectly Gimp to dare giving lessons to someone else … and i regreet it of course…
      But i hope that someone, somewhere, will write the next magazine in french, in spanish, in italian, in german maybe …

      🙂 in french first of course !

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          • It is generally known, as well as automatic translation works. Through an opening of the sources of the project people could with a good knowledge of the English text translated into their native language, and then publish the magazine in the new language version.

            (Text translated by Google from German to English. 😉 )

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