GIMP Magazine – Issue 12

GIMP Magazine - Issue 12 v3-page001

The team at GIMP Magazine presents Issue #12!

This issue features the amazing illustration master class from Martin Eschoyez, edited by Debi Dalio. “Wilber & Co.” by Aryeom & Jehan is back with an all new installment.  Be sure to check it out as well as their website at

Thank you so much for supporting GIMP Magazine.  We do need your help with new submissions at Please consider helping us to reach our Patreon goal at and perhaps take a course at to learn free and open source software including: GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus!

Help continue to spread the word about GIMP and GIMP Magazine. We greatly appreciate your follows, comments, retweets, reshares, +1s, blog posts, etc. . . If you are not already following us, please do so to be a part of our community of 17,000+ amazing people. We are reaching close to 4 million views on Google+ alone!  Thanks everyone!

GIMP Magazine will be back in the fall as we are preparing four more issues for 2014.  Richard and I will continue to work on these over the summer months.  Have a great summer and see you back in the fall!



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