GIMP Magazine – Issue 2

The GIMP Magazine team proudly presents Issue #2.  We have a whole lot of awesome ready for you!


Help Support GIMP Magazine by contributing $5.00 CAD (appx 3.9 Euros). This money goes towards covering the ongoing costs of operating a free magazine.



Watch the HD 720p half-hour Directors Cut/Commentary Video



MagCloud did an amazing job at printing the high resolution version of this magazine.  We are so impressed with this service.  The cost is $21 + a $5 contribution to GIMP Magazine.    The print quality and service makes it worth while.  They also have an iPad version too.  Check them out at



Just a reminder to check out our TV appearance on EP Daily.  Our TV spot ran on December 5th.  Here is a link to watch it online… we are 19 minutes into the show (after the ad).



Check out a 5 hr 27 min Digital Arts DVD course.  This course is designed for Photographers, Digital Artists, Illustrators, Industrial Designers, Graphic Artists and even Fine Artists looking to promote their work over the web.  We have a special topic in this course to show people how to photograph / scan fine art, create blogging sites and upload their works.  This DVD is available anywhere in the world and can be ordered on line using a credit card or PayPal.  Click here for more

We want to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to GIMP Magazine.  Help spread the word about GIMP and GIMP Magazine.  We greatly appreciate your donations, comments, retweets, reshares, +1s, blog posts, etc. . . Enjoy and keep your submissions flowing in, we are actively working on Issue #3!

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  15. Nice issue! I’m happy that it showcase a creature from my free open source game project called Ancient Beast (the fiery Vulcan creature, by David Revoy, concept by Katarzyna Zalecka). For those who want to see more creatures from the project done with Gimp and other foss tools, head over to ‘s gallery; you’ll like what you’ll find!

  16. I’m a little bit saddened by the lack of photography stuff in this issue. I’m a photography student and I do all my work in Darktable/GIMP on Ubuntu Linux despite all of my classmates using PSH on Win/OSX and when were the first issue released I proudly showed them what you can do in GIMP (because all our teachers think GIMP still looks like the 1.0 release…) and they were astonished. But since most of them are interested in photography and all kinds of photo-related task I don’t know if I can show them this painting only issue.
    Please bring back the balanced photography/painting style, pretty please.

    Also, please excuse my poor English 🙂

    • Hi Redi44,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes we are planning for Issue #3 to specialize with several photography and GIMP software plugins articles. We have to build the magazine based on our submissions, and for issue #2 we had an overwhelming number of digital arts submissions which is great, since many people view GIMP as an exclusive photo manipulation program and often forget that it is also a highly powerful digital arts package. So we hope to see you back at Issue 3 where we have so many cool things planned for. I can’t wait!


      • Thank you. I’m looking forward for the 3rd issue and I hope that some day I will be able to contribute something too 🙂 Just out of curiosity, will be issue 1 available as printed manual too?

        • Hi, no plans to print issue #1 at this time. If we get enough requests we would consider it. I am also looking forward to Issue #3, some amazing photography, GIMP filter software, and the Hunt for Wilber graphic novel… so cool! Cheers

  17. Shared on my blog. congrats for the number #2 .I am available if you want to write about gimp paint studio project in future issue. how many sheets do you need? i can write maybe too much. 😀

    • An article would be great. Just cover the who, what, when, where, and why in a few pages. Also send some images of what it can do and maybe how it does it. Our submission guidelines are on our submissions page. cheers

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