GIMP Magazine – Issue 3

The GIMP Magazine team is pleased to present Issue #3.  So much cool is in store for you!


Help Support GIMP Magazine by contributing $5.00 CAD (appx 3.9 Euros). This money goes towards covering the ongoing costs of operating a free magazine.



[issuu backgroundcolor=000000 showflipbtn=true autoflip=true autofliptime=6000 documentid=130306031349-52c7dac96f0b47338e59f2133d53d763 docname=issue3 username=gimpmagazine loadinginfotext=GIMP%20Magazine%20-%20Issue%203 showhtmllink=true tag=comparison width=550 height=388 unit=px]

[issuu backgroundcolor=000000 showflipbtn=true autoflip=true autofliptime=6000 documentid=130306015900-6b0ae582efbf48e997e97a5adf691cbd docname=whitepaper-gimp-vs-ps username=gimpmagazine loadinginfotext=GIMP%20Magazine%20Whitepaper%20-%20GIMP%20vs%20Photoshop%20Comparison showhtmllink=true tag=adobe width=550 height=388 unit=px]




Watch the HD 720p half-hour Directors Cut/Commentary Video. We apologize for the sound volume issue. 





MagCloud did an great job of printing the high resolution version of this magazine.  We are so impressed with this service.  The cost is around $23 and this includes a $5 contribution to GIMP Magazine.  The print quality and service makes it so worth while.  The quality is truly outstanding compared to the digital online version.  They also have an iPad version too that is free with the purchase of the magazine.  Check them out at



Check out a 5 hr 27 min Digital Arts DVD course.  This course is designed for Photographers, Digital Artists, Illustrators, Industrial Designers, Graphic Artists and even Fine Artists looking to promote their work over the web.  We have a special topic in this course to show people how to photograph / scan fine art, create blogging sites and upload their works.  This DVD is available anywhere in the world and can be ordered on line using a credit card or PayPal.  Click here for more

The team at GIMP Magazine wants to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this initiative.  You are helping to move open source software forward and you are helping to empower millions of people around the world to discover free software.  Help continue to spread the word about GIMP and GIMP Magazine.  We greatly appreciate your follows, donations, comments, retweets, reshares, +1s, blog posts, etc. . . Help us to reach 10,000 followers!  Enjoy and keep your submissions flowing in, we are actively working on Issue #4 and we will see you in June.

22 thoughts on “GIMP Magazine – Issue 3

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  8. Is there a reason why GIMP Magazine isn’t being released in landscape format? The Ubuntu magazine ran a couple of issues before the community almost unanimously decided that digitally released magazines were much more palatable in landscape for use on monitors, pads and phones. I’d much prefer to see a landscape layout? Anyone with me?

    • Hi, the short answer is because we offer this magazine both in print and digital format. Personally I love the print version. It looks absolutely amazing, and this is an important aspect of using GIMP to prepare full colour magazine images in print format. The trouble is that print-on-demand is a bit more costly for people to purchase and therefore we do have way more digital subscribers than print subscribers. Early on, we had several people who commented that they wanted a print subscription. So there still is a market for printed magazines. We have reached out to a few mainstream publishers in Canada, but nothing to report just yet. I use the view/two pages in my PDF reader software which works great. I also like the UI that provides. Cheers Steve

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  10. About the GIMP vs PS article in the alpha to selection feature: isn’t this the same as “select pixels” in PS or CTRL + click on the layer icon? the article says that the feature is not available in Photoshop.

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