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  1. First issue was great. Was so well laid out I went and downloaded Scribus straight away. I’ve been using Gimp since version 2.6 and I personally think its much nicer to use than the commercial software that’s out there. I am looking forward to the next issue and the ones after that… 😉

  2. Great job and thank you very much from Spain. It’s an awesome magazine. Software like Gimp and projects like this allows us to start works in photography or digital design with not too much money. And in an open-source-way!

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  6. Wow this is fantastic!
    I only just discovered this with the Issue 3 release I found on G+
    I was able to download issue one okay, but Issue 2 is paid for only…is this correct? – Not that I’m complaining, this is still a great accomplishment for GIMP users to finally have our own mag!!
    Thanks you so much!

  7. I have been using Gimp for personnel uses for several years now and consider myself still in the learning stages. Though I am able to use and do quite a lot within Gimp I still run into walls due mainly to my own lack of understanding of graphic design and photo manipulation. ( I have crashed Gimp a lot :). I love that Gimp now has a magazine, which I will read so I may learn and improve my abilities. Thank You

    • Hi John, you are very welcome! I did crash GIMP a bit at first, but once I learned how it operated properly I find it very rare that it crashes. In fact I can not remember the last time it crashed. Cheers Steve

  8. Great stuff Guys. Just came across this site 2 days ago and really like the spread. I am a newbie to GIMP and PP photography and was considering buying Photoshop until I saw that you can’t do this anymore, you can only rent it. That’s just a cash grab, and whatever software I use, I buy, I don’t rent.
    The point is it sent me searching the web for an alternative, and there was GIMP. It seems to do all I want and, now, even has a Magazine that gives you all the goss, tutorials, articles etc that make it a very interesting read.
    Highly recommend both GIMP and this Mag to anyone, and better to send both a donation than rent software from “they-who-want-monthly-access-to-my-Visa”,

    Thanks heaps guys and keep it comin!

  9. Hi Steve, is your magazine available in Australia? I have tried to download issue #3 via the PDF link but all my attempts have failed, the first download went through perfect (I thought), but the download size was only 176Kb and didn’t work, the second and third tries just would not complete at all, so where in Australia can I get a print copy, or do I need to have one shipped to me?

    As to your Digital Arts DVD, how long will it take to ship one to me in Aus, and, can I have the three available issues of the magazine shipped with the DVD if I pay for them together?

    (“Anticipation – The delicious expectation of what is about to happen next” Mike Lipkins)


  10. Awesome, thanks for replying and I read the mags on, mate I gotta tell ya, that was some mighty fine reading, I gotta get my hands on the print so i will order them, I will also order the Digital Arts Course while I’m at it, thanks heaps for the time you’ve put into all the Gimp info, Legendary stuff.

    Off topic, have you heard of Jon Gnagy, I just stumbled across some TV footage of his “Learning to draw” TV series, I encourage anyone trying to learn to draw to take a gander (“have a look” in Australian lingo lol) at some of his lessons. The show was broadcast way way back in the late 50’s, just do a google for Jon Gnagy, be warned, it was geared towards absolute beginners, none the less, it was very informative to watch

    cheers mate

  11. Just came across your site for the first time I’M LOVING IT!!!!!!!
    the article and PIc by Ludovic Celle was great!

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  14. I have been a Gimp user for a number of years (maybe 6 or so) and recently have been teaching my DTE (digital Technology) classes (over the past 3 years) how to use the rudiments of this fantastic open sourced product. Now I have discovered the GIMP Magazine, and will likely use this to better mine and my student’s skill levels. Thanks to both yourselves and the GIMP team for adding power to our enjoyments of digital graphics including the ability to enhance our photographic images. All hail to you and cheers.

    • Hi, I am hoping to hit September. The content and editing was completed. Layout is not yet ready. I missed the publishing for pre-summer. I have also been thinking of several improvements to GIMP Magazine, but nothing is confirmed yet. Enjoying Summer! Cheers Steve

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