Next Generation of GIMP Magazine is Coming Soon

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I would like to announce that GIMP Magazine is coming soon. Here are a few details that we can share with you at this time. We spent the summer working on a new format for our Magazine. We have some amazing content ready to go for our next few issues. This format change will be significant for our magazine, and more details will be revealed in the next issue of GIMP Magazine, due out in the next month or so.

We have changed our ad rates and you can now advertise with us for a significantly reduced rate. Read more at

We have also made it easier for you be featured in our magazine. We are now open for submissions at


And all of these plans include continuing to make this magazine absolutely FREE for everyone to download.  We thank you for your donations, and we have also made it easier for you to donate. We have recently setup our Patreon account at . You can set up a donation once, and every time we release a new issue, your donation is sent to us automatically. And you can change it or stop it at any time.  We also have a goal set up to pay content providers and people who work on our magazine.

Thanks so much for staying with us over the summer, and we are totally looking forward to the next generation of GIMP Magazine. Please share the news by re-tweeting, re-sharing, re-whatever, etc…

Steve Czajka, Managing Editor


3 thoughts on “Next Generation of GIMP Magazine is Coming Soon

  1. Hey, looking forward to the magazine.
    I checked out the Patreon page and I think you should explain a bit more about the magazine on there. There’s really nothing but a video with cool art and mention of making a user-supported magazine on the front page. I know a bunch of folks who successfully use Patreon and while simplicity and brevity are fine, it’s a good idea to mention specifics or give examples where possible to get people excited about it. Mainly: what sort of content will the magazine include – beyond cool art? And also important with this sort of set up: how frequently or infrequently will a magazine get published? (Folks will want to know about how often they’ll be charged.) This Patreon-supported magazine is doing really well – you may find some inspiration here: Anyway, good luck!

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