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The GIMP Magazine team humbly presents Issue #5.

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Issue 4 Launches September 4


It’s Official – Issue 4 launches to the world on September 4th 2013, and this is shaping up to be our best issue ever!  We had so much content for Issue #4 that we had to cap it at 100 pages of awesome.  This issue will feature a mix of photography and digital arts.

We listened to our readers — you  asked for more tutorials and we delivered.  This issue is packed with several meaningful and relevant tutorials for both photographers and digital artists of all skill levels. Oh yeah, did I mention that GIMP Magazine is FREE? We can’t wait to share this with you!



  • Reflections Photography by the Master Ian Muttoo.  Incorporating reflections into your photography can provide you with an interesting, alternative view on mundane scenes, and Ian shares with us how to achieve this.
  • A look back at the first year of GIMP Magazine.  Issue #4 will mark the first anniversary for GIMP Magazine.  In this article, the Managing Editor for GIMP Magazine looks back at this amazing journey and also takes a peek into the future of GIMP Magazine.
  • FEATURE: An Interview with professional photographer and digital artist Christopher Mark Perez.  This is an incredible feature story about Christopher and how he achieves his mind blowing photography and digital art creations.  This is an absolute must read for photographers or digital artists of all skill levels.
  • FEATURE: The Hunt for Wilber is back in episode No.2.  That pesky Dave is chasing down Wilber all over the world.  Tune in to see where this adventure leads.  It is really starting to heat up.  Dave Lepek, the masterful creator and Yeshua Nel take this graphic novel to the next level.
  • Rolf Steinort dominates our Photography Gallery in this issue with some photos of distressed objects.  I love this style of photography and you will too.
  • The Design Gallery is on fire this issue with outstanding creations from bold to beautiful.  Typically this is my favorite part of the magazine and this issue is no exception.  We pulled out all the stops by featuring digital artists from all over the world.
  • Did you ever want to know how to create a vignette that doesn’t look photo-shopped?  Learn how to create a proper vignette using GIMP software from the pros Christopher Mark Perez and Debi Dalio.  This is also an essential read for photographers who want their images to stand out.
  • Did you ever take a nice photograph, but it looked boring?  Add some style to it from the pros by creating a vintage look.  Christopher Mark Perez and Debi Dalio have delivered a tutorial on how to colorize in GIMP to give your photos an authentic vintage look.
  • Want to buy a book about GIMP?  Oma Dial reviews the recently published “Instant GIMP Starter”.  We also plan to offer some give-away copies of this book prior to launch.
  • Steve Czajka delivers a Basic GIMP Tutorial (written and video based) on how to add interest to your photography or artwork using some basic digital arts techniques.  This builds upon Steve’s existing Digital Arts Course now available by digital download.
  • And to wrap up this issue Christopher Mark Perez delivers an outstanding Master Class of how to create a professional looking portraiture.  This is where Christopher’s experienced photography and digital arts excellence collide to provide incredible results.  And Christopher has graciously shared his process with everyone in this feature-length master class.
  • All this and more in the next issue of GIMP Magazine which by the way is FREE!



GIMP Magazine on (where we host the online magazine) has measured over 500,000 views.  This is incredible.  Issue 3 had over 100,000 impressions in it’s first week of release, considerably more than the first two issues.  These numbers are crushing our original estimates, and they do not include other big sites that have posted our PDF on their website for wide-scale download. GIMP Magazine is appearing in hundreds of Magazine download sites and we think this is amazing.  Thanks everyone for making GIMP Magazine a huge success!



We are quickly approaching 10,000 followers.  This is an incredible number that is way beyond our expectations when starting this project less than a year ago.  This is great news for GIMP Magazine, GIMP software and the open source community!  A sincere thanks to everyone who is following us and we look forward to providing you with some amazing magazines to come.

ten thousand followers reached



Issue 4 will launch to the world in all the regular formats (Issuu, PDF direct download) as well as high quality print format and tablet format (e.g. iPad).  Help support GIMP Magazine and have one delivered to your door, or tablet!  Check out for back issues.



The GIMP Magazine Team would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to our magazine.   Visit our website if you would like to contribute.  We can now accept donations of any amount (see upper right of our website) — we send cool stuff to those who do! Advanced previews, special features and other special goodies!

I want to apologize for the delay of Issue #4, but given the outstanding quality of this content, I didn’t want to rush it and possibly compromise the final product.  GIMP Magazine is back and stronger than ever!  We are actively working on Issue #5, and planning out Issue #6.  This is going to be great!

And finally I want to give a special thanks to everyone on the GIMP Magazine Team particularly Debi Dalio and Sandra Livingston for writing and editing this work.  Keep an eye out for some in-depth previews coming soon!  Kicking us off is a preview of Reflections Photography by Ian Muttoo.

Wait — I know i am forgetting something . . . What was that? . . . Oh Yeah, GIMP Magazine is FREE!  Help spread the word.  Tell your friends and family.  Please follow us by: email on our website, re-tweet us on twitter, re-share us on Google Plus, like us on facebook, pin us on pinterest, digg us on digg, linkus on linkedin or re-anything us!



Cheers, Steve Czajka and The GIMP Magazine Team!


P.S. Keep your submissions coming in!  We need more full length articles and tutorials for Issue #5!  Possibly your creations will make the cover?  We need more photography submissions too!  Don’t be bashful. The deadline for submissions is early September.

GIMP Magazine – Issue 2

The GIMP Magazine team proudly presents Issue #2.  We have a whole lot of awesome ready for you!

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GIMP Magazine Launches Fall 2012

GIMP is an amazing image editing software package similar to Adobe Photoshop®, but licensed as free and open source.  The latest version of GIMP (2.8) has been downloaded over 6.5 Million times in just two months, so this is a huge community of skilled & dedicated users.

GIMP Magazine features the amazing works created from this world wide community.  Photography, digital arts, graphic arts, design, tips & tricks, step by step tutorials, master classes, help desk questions, book and product reviews and so much more are showcased and explored in this quarterly publication.  This publication is available for free and is licensed Creative Commons CC-AT-SA 2.5.

Issue #1 is complete and will launch in the Fall 2012.  We are quite pleased with how this issue turned out and we look forward to publishing on a quarterly basis.  Issue #1 is exactly 50 pages using a traditional 8.125″ x 10.75″ magazine style layout that is best viewed using facing page mode.  We will be releasing a standard screen resolution PDF, an elegant PDF viewing experience through and we also have an ePub version already in the works.  All of this will be accessible from our website at:

We will be posting some magazine previews during the month of August on Google+ ( ), Twitter ( ) and our website.  Not on twitter or G+, follow us on email (subscribe – see right).

Do us a favor and help spread the word.  Blog about this, tweet it, facebook it, google+ it, tell your friends, tell your mom, what ever!  Spread the GIMP, GIMP Magazine!


Thanks, GIMP Magazine Team!