GIMP Magazine – Issue 7

GIMP Magazine - Issue 7 v3-page001

The team at GIMP Magazine presents Issue #7, the launch of Next Gen GIMP Magazine!

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Issue 7 Preview – Evelyne Schulz

bitmap16x9 light xmas

I would like to announce that Issue 7 of GIMP Magazine is just around the corner.  Issue 7 features the amazing illustration works of Evelyne Schulz.  We have an interview with Evelyne in addition to a full master class.  This is perhaps the most inspiring issue of GIMP Magazine yet.  If you are an illustrator then Issue 7 is a must read.  Even if you are not an illustrator, Issue 7 looks outstanding and it is an incredible celebration of everything that you can do using GIMP software.

Issue 7 is complete and will launch in a few weeks (December 2014).  Looking ahead, Issue 8 (January 2015) is complete awaiting minor edits.  Issue 9 (February) is in the writing stage and will be a special feature. We will need your submissions for our photography and design gallery as it is running low.

Thanks everyone for your positive feedback regarding Next Gen GIMP Magazine.  We look forward to delivering more and more great stories about GIMP Software and the people who use it.


GIMP Magazine – Issue 4

GIMP Magazine - Issue 4 - WEB
The GIMP Magazine team is pleased to present Issue #4.

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GIMP Magazine – Issue 2

The GIMP Magazine team proudly presents Issue #2.  We have a whole lot of awesome ready for you!

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