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The RavenHi, I’m Steve, the managing editor for GIMP Magazine.  One of the reasons I am so passionate about GIMP and Inkscape is because these software packages help me with my calligraphic arts.  This authentically hand done calligraphy piece was laid out using open source Inkscape software and colourized for print using GIMP.

This is one of my favourite calligraphy pieces of all time.  I love the bold, aggressive look, classic colours, and the mood that the gothic typeface creates.  Learn more about this piece in the HD YouTube video below







This artwork is the first stanza of 18 (a stanza in this poem is 6 lines or a page).  I propose producing a complete book to the same quality standard as shown above. This book could be purchased as a 13″ x 11″ glossy picture book (self published).  I would need to raise funds ($2,900.00 CAD) to complete this book.  Upon reaching those funds I would commit to the following:

  1. I will release each page (or stanza) as funding goals are met (every $200 reached = a new page released)
  2. I will produce 18 high resolution unsigned pages for the book using the same overall style (white and red lettering on black pages, similar layout)
  3. I will produce a cover, a title page, and an introduction page
  4. I will produce a credits page that names everyone (or their alternate named designate) who contributed to the book
  5. On the facing page of each stanza, I would dedicate one name based on the people who contributed the most to this project
  6. I will offer this large format book on blurb or similar service.  Investors would receive a proportion of any profits generated from the completed book.


Please help make this project happen, and click here to contribute:

(while I appreciate all of  your support, this is non-refundable as each page is delivered upon funding increments. Any royalty payments to contributors would be delivered on an annual basis.)



You can also order a high quality 30″ x 20″ poster print for $85.00 (plus shipping).  This is printed on a matte finish digital paper that won’t fade over time.  Payment can be made via PayPal/Credit Card.

You can also commission me to hand letter (paint) this piece onto almost any wall or glass (interior or exterior) (See an example at  And ‘The Raven’ would also look so cool as a tattoo or body paint. Contact me directly (steveczajka  [at] hotmail [dot] com) if you are interested in any of these alternative formats.



P.S. Did you know that this piece was actually inspired by the ultra cool TV show titled “The Following” with Kevin Bacon.  If you haven’t seen it, it is worth watching and I can’t wait for season two.

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