GIMP Magazine Update – Nov 2015

Submissions Nov 2015 - 1

You might be wondering where we have been after our summer break?

We had planned the following issues: Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec 2015. We had content providers lined up for those issues. Unfortunately one content provider dropped out due to other commitments, and another was a Photoshop user who oddly wanted to somehow make the cover of GIMP Magazine (so that happened).

I’m happy to say that we do have one issue fully edited and awaiting layout. And I am very happy to say that we are a few weeks from a second issue being fully edited and ready for layout to begin. This may be our best issue ever so I plan to spend extra design time once the content becomes available to me. This issue is truly stunning and I’m both honored and nervous to be a part of this.

We are struggling with two things: a lack of help and a lack of content providers. Richard and I would like to request that a second editor/writer join our team to split the load and help us. Contact us via our contact page if you would to be a part of our team.

With regard to a lack of content providers we would like to make an open request to the fine folks at These folks have helped us enormously to build our magazine from just a crazy idea, but if we want to continue we will need great support from you the community. Our request is to have a permanent link off the website so that content providers will submit to us regularly, and we can continue the momentum of our magazine. We feel that GIMP Magazine should be an integral part of the overall GIMP users experience.

Everyone on our team is 100% committed to making the best magazine possible, but without a regular flow of awareness from it will be an ongoing challenge for us to continue especially after summer breaks.

Look forward to Issue 13 arriving in January (perhaps in December) and Issue 14 kicking off early 2016.

The GIMP Magazine Team!


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