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About GIMP

GIMP is an image editing software package licensed as free and open source.   GIMP Magazine features the amazing works created from an enormous community from all over the world estimated at around 8 million people.  Photography, digital arts, tips and tricks, step by step tutorials, master classes, help desk questions, and so much more are showcased and explored in this free publication.


About our New Home!

Welcome from the GIMP Magazine Team!  This is our primary site to host our magazine.  You will be able to download PDF versions of the magazine from this website.  You will also be able to:

  • Provide comments and feedback about each issue
  • Join the discussions
  • Connect with others interested in GIMP, Digital Arts, Photography and so much more
  • Read the full “link through” articles that we start in the magazine and may end at this site or at an external site.

We will be offering digital and hardcopy formats in addition to the basic PDF format.  We will provide links to get you to those additional formats as they become available.


About Out Team

Steve, Managing Editor / Design & Publishing
Jorden, All things Editing / Submissions
Rod, All things Internal Forums
Dave, Contributing Writer / Editing Assistance
Oma, Editing Assistance
Rolf, All things Web (this Blog)


About The Magazine

I am pleased to announce that Issue #1 of GIMP Magazine is complete and is in our review cycles getting ready for prime time.  We will provide more about the official launch at a later time in addition to some sneak previews.  We have great deal planned.

Sample Mock Cover Designs Shown Above


Until then read about GIMP Magazine at these sites:



Steve Czajka
Managing Editor

(http://steveczajka.posterous.com )

3 thoughts on “Welcome to GIMP Magazine

  1. May I suggest that you refer to your magazine issues by month and year ie August, 2012 rather than Fall, 2012 as for us in the southern hemisphere it is Spring for us when it is Fall for you causing a little confusion when seeking particular issues by date.

  2. Hi. Great news about the magazine. Really good timing as I am soon to launch a serious endeavour to encourage our school art department to consider using GIMP. As another from downunder I agree with previous poster about referring to issues by month, or maybe 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter etc.
    Looking good.

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