Issue 9 Preview – Steve Czajka

Issue 9 PreviewWe are pleased to announce that GIMP Magazine Issue #9 will be released soon.  We are planning to launch it next week.  It is focused on design, type design and has a useful exercise for those illustrators / calligraphers just starting out with GIMP and / or Inkscape.

We are in need of your submissions. Please submit your works to GIMP Magazine. Perhaps your photography or illustrations will grace our next cover? We have content confirmed up to March 2015. We are working with a few artists for April. We greatly need your submissions for our gallery and feature stories. Please submit at

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And The Winner Is

Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket Wallpaper

The winner of our Donate to Win program is Phillip W. who received the Desktop Publishing Course (using Scribus). This was great news for Phillip as he is embarking on creating a full book using free and open source Scribus as the layout editing software.
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Issue 8 Preview – Ian Muttoo

Preview - Issue8This month we feature the amazing works of Ian Muttoo, and his master class on a special type of photography. This issue will provide you with some tips and tricks to try out your shiny new camera!

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Donate to Win

We would like to announce that we are awarding the person who donates the most to win a full course of their choice.  The contest starts now, and will close at the end of this year.  The winner will be contacted early in 2015.  You can make a donation via our Gift Shop or via Patreon.  Making a donation will help us to keep GIMP Magazine going!  The winner will have the choice of the following full length courses

Digital Arts Course - CD Jacket Wallpaper

Desktop Publishing Course - CD Jacket Wallpaper

Gothic Video Based Course Logo - SQ - Xmas

Personalized Greetings Cards

Custom Xmas Cards Fireplace Showcase CL

Learn how to create personalized greeting cards using GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus.  This year I decided to create some cards for my family, friends, co-workers and calligraphy guild members (card exchange). Continue reading