Issue 12 Preview – Martín Eschoyez

Preview - Issue12

Issue 12 features an article called “Digitally Coloring Quasi-mode” that was written by Martín Eschoyez and edited by Debi Dalio. In this multi-page tutorial, Martín explains one of his techniques that gives life to hand-drawn graphics.

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Issue 11 Preview – Turi Scandurra

Preview - Issue11

Issue #11 of GIMP Magazine is just around the corner, mid April!

Turi Scandurra will be featured in Issue #11. Turi is an Italian 2D animation artist and illustrator with a strong background in visual storytelling and traditional animation. He has many years of experience as an animation film designer, director, and editor. His online portfolio can be found at: A special thanks to Debi Dalio for editing this article.

Looking ahead, Issue #12 is nearing completion and will be published roughly mid May. While we are working with a few artists beyond May, nothing is yet finalized. We encourage you to submit your articles to We take care of the rest.

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GIMP Magazine – Issue 10A

GIMP Magazine - Issue10a v2-page001

The team at GIMP Magazine presents Issue #10A Special Edition. Happy April Fools everyone!

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Issue 10 Preview – Christian Schroll

Preview - Issue10So many thanks for the rollout of Issue #9 and we hope that you join us for the launch of Issue #10. Issue #10 features some amazing photography from some amazing places on earth. Christian Schroll takes us on a photo journey of some pretty cool landscapes. Christian also shares with us how he creates HRD (High Dynamic Range) photography in a multi-page, detailed master-class tutorial using GIMP and UFRaw. Be sure to visit Christian Schroll’s works at Continue reading

Issue 9 Preview – Steve Czajka

Issue 9 PreviewWe are pleased to announce that GIMP Magazine Issue #9 will be released soon.  We are planning to launch it next week.  It is focused on design, type design and has a useful exercise for those illustrators / calligraphers just starting out with GIMP and / or Inkscape.

We are in need of your submissions. Please submit your works to GIMP Magazine. Perhaps your photography or illustrations will grace our next cover? We have content confirmed up to March 2015. We are working with a few artists for April. We greatly need your submissions for our gallery and feature stories. Please submit at

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